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   Why Modular
  • Material
    Because modular homes are built in a factory, more than one home is built at a time, creating a demand for a large quantity of material. Manufacturers buy material in large quantities allowing them to get a significant volume discount that gets passed onto the consumer.
  • Labor
    Most site-built homes are using all professional trades people that demand higher wages while all of modular manufacturers employees are well paid with benefits and can offer lower total labor rates.
  • Assembly Line
    Assembly line efficiencies are a big savings in time and money. A modular home has all of its components being built at one time and then all put together one after another. A whole modular home can be built within 2-3 days in a factory because of these efficiencies and building system.
  • Material Waste
    Because of the standard dimensions of most modules, there is little if any waste product. Odd and end pieces of lumber can be used later down the line for support or even shipping bracing and packaging. Also in stick-built homes there are losses of material due to bad weather, such as water or ice damage.
  • Theft
    Theft on site-built construction sites can be a problem where there is not really any way to secure items until the main house structure is built. This can lead to thousands of dollars of loss on material. Modular manufacturers facilities are secure and the modules after leaving the building are stored in a secure storage area while they await delivery.
  • Guaranteed Price
    Ordering a modular home is much like ordering a custom vehicle. Start with a basic standard and add the features and options that best fit your needs and desires. Once this is completed, the manufacturer provides a detailed spec sheet showing all the features and options with a total contracted price. Throughout the process there are only change orders if YOU make the changes.
  • Financing
    A modular home can be built faster than a traditional site-built home. With smaller building time frame, the consumer has less payments out on a construction loan, allowing the consumer to get more features and options within the same budget.
  • Insurance
    Because a modular home can be set onto the foundation and secure faster than site-built homes the consumer lessons the risk of accidents, theft and vandalism. Because of the the shorter construction time the consumer also saves money on the construction insurance.
  • Design
    Cf development is a custom modular home builder. Over the last 30 to 40 years there has been a huge change in technologies allowing modular homes to be built bigger and more custom. Consumers sometimes pay thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars for an architect to design a home for them. Because modular manufacturers have there own engineering department, the consumer can submit a house plan to this department and they can create a modular home very close if not exactly to the plan submitted. Note that there are some restrictions on some designs that may not be able to be built in the factory, however good planning with the CF Development can accommodate these items.
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