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Modular Home Additions

Adding to your existing home with modular construction can provide a number of affordable solutions in place of selling your home an moving. Adding space to an existing home is also an opportunity to update the exterior finishes of your existing home. Often people will have new windows, siding and roof installed when construction an addition to their existing home.

Popular Home Additions

Home Offices - Adding space to your home so that telecomuting is more functional than working in a bedroom or another converted space can add productivity to your life. Many home offices can include space for customers and clients to be separated from the rest of the home. A home office addition can include a detached entry, bathroom facilities, meeting rooms or what your needs require. Home world can help design, build and complete a modular home office addition.

In-law Suites - Keeping parents close to your heart by being close to your home is becoming common today. Parents who no longer need the large homestead, need a little help through out the week and need to make a decision on where they want to live can consider building a modular addition onto their children home. An inlay suite can be as simple as a bedroom with a bathroom to an entire second home that is connected to your home. Home World can help you design a modular inlay suite that will suit everyone's needs.

Art Studios -The cost to rent or purchase studio space can inhibit having a studio. A modular addition to be used as a studio for painting, pottery or other creative endeavors can provide open functional space to be used and enjoyed year round. Home World can help you design a modular studio to fit your requirements. A studio could be connected to your home or a free standing structure.

Great Rooms- Great rooms offer many advantages over a formal living room. Great rooms are large, open and most often connected to the kitchen for convenience. If you are considering building a great room addition, you might consider adding additional spaces: hobby rooms; laundry rooms or even an additional bed room. Home World can help you design a modular great room addition.

Master Suites - Home world can build a master suite addition to your home in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or in New York's Hudson Valley. Adding a first floor master suite will extend your stay in your home as you will be able to age in place. Building a modular home master suite addition is also extremely convenient. Eliminating walking up stairs to your bedroom can add years to your knees. Many people who build modular master suites also include laundry rooms, storage areas, sitting rooms and more. Contact Home World to help design and build your master suite addition.

Frustration and Aggravation

When you add onto your existing home, you will not have to sell your existing home, find a new house and inherit unknown existing home problems. Since a modular home is constructed off site in a factory, you will not have carpenters, roofers, and other tradesman camping out at your home for three months. Your modular home addition will be constructed in a climate controlled factory. While the home is being constructed, Home World will arrange for your addition's foundation to be installed. Once the modules are ready to be delivered, Home World will arrange for the addition to be delivered and set on the new foundation. Once the home is on your foundation, only a few tradesmen will be required to complete your addition.

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If you are considering adding an addition to your existing home, building a modular home is a way to save money and aggravation. Modular additions can be designed as one and two story additions. Modular home additions can be directly attached to your existing home or additions can be connected directly to your existing home.

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