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We build modular homes in New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania. We offer a large collection of modular home floor plans and over thirty years of experience in designing and building custom homes. We offer convenient turnkey home packages, partial general contracting services and wholesale modular home sales.

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Designing a Custom Modular Home Is Affordable

Custom Floor Plans With Out Design Fees and Costs

A major advantage to building a custom modular home with Home World is the large savings discovered by eliminating excessive design fees and costs. Design fees can run into thousands of dollars when you use an architect or a site builder. When you build a modular home, the experienced engineers at the factory will produce structural sound designs that fit your floor plans.

Design Options to Designing Your Home

Custom Modular Home Options

You have three options when you design your modular home with Home World. The first option is to use a standard factory plan and make modifications to the plans. The second opportunity is to bring an existing floor plan you have chosen to Home World to have the home designed to be a modular home. The last option is to have a completely custom home designed from either scratch or from your dream home sketch.

Design Options

When you visit our office in Flanders, NJ you will be able to review hundreds of standard floor plans designed my modular home factories. All of these floor plans act as a starting point in designing your home. In addition to standard factory plans, we have a library of floor plans of one of a kind custom homes for you to review. Rarely if ever have we built a modular home that is exactly as the factory designed the home. When it comes to designing your modular, you can make minor or major changes to a standard plan, bring an existing blue print to be modularized or design a custom home from your dreams.

Minor Changes and Designs- Standard Floor Plans

Some of our customers only want to move walls inside the home, increase or decrease the size of the home, add a garage or porch. Minor changes to a floor plan take little to no time and offers simple customization to your home.

Major Design Changes - Standard Floor Plans

Some of the homes we have built for people started out as a standard plan and after major modifications to the floor plan and exterior finishes you would not be able to recognize the standard plan. Many times a standard factory floor plan is the starting point to designing your home.

Blue Prints to Modular Home Floor Plans

Often people will bring floor plans to us from another source. With the help form our factory design and engineering department, we are able to convert those blue prints into a modular home floor plans and elevations. Taking existing blue prints and modularizing the plans is very similar to making minor changes to a standard modular home plan.

Total Custom Modular Home Design

Often people have taken their time and have designed their home themselves. The inspiration for a unique custom home is the ultimate home building project. To have an absolutely one of a kind home designed and constructed just for you and your family. At Home World we can help you through out the entire design process. If you have a custom design in mind, please bring sketches, dreams and ideas to our office for a free no obligation design consultation.






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