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Modular Home Savings

In addition to minimizing construction time for your home, modular homes also save you money on insurance costs, construction loan financing interest, and high labor costs found in New Jersey.

Insurance Savings

Because a modular home can be set onto the foundation and secure faster than site-built homes the consumer lessons the risk of accidents, theft and vandalism. Because of the the shorter construction time the consumer also saves money on the construction insurance.

Material Savings

Because modular homes are built in a factory, more than one home is built at a time, creating a demand for a large quantity of material. Manufacturers buy material in large quantities allowing them to get a significant volume discount that gets passed onto the consumer.

With standardized dimensions of most modules, there is little to no material wast when building a modular home. A cost stick builders build into their price includes weather damage and theft. With modular construction, your home is protected from the elements through out construction and material theft is all but eliminated at the factory.

Also with stick-built homes there are losses and damage to materials due to due to rain, snow, freezing temperatures and wind. Often damaged materials are used regardless of the damage in your new home.


Most site-built homes builders use professional trades people that demand higher wages. The cost for trades people in New Jersey can be three to six times the labor rate of a specialized worker compared to a modular home factory worker. In addition, the output of a factory worker exceeds production capacity of a trades person in the field due to the systematic and consistant construction methods.


Line Assembly line efficiencies are a big savings in time and money. A modular home has all of its components being built at one time and then all put together one after another. A whole modular home can be built within 2-3 days in a factory because of these efficiencies and building system. In fact, if a modular home factory could shorten the build time if it were not for time required for drywall and paint drying times.

Design Services

Modular factories offer design services at next to no cost compared to a one off designer in New Jersey or New York. Consumers sometimes pay thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars for an architect to design a home for them. Because modular manufacturers have there own engineering department, the consumer can submit a house plan through Home World and they the modular home factory create a modular home very close if not exactly to the plan submitted. Note that there are some restrictions on some designs that may not be able to be built in the factory, however good planning with Home World can accommodate your design requirements.


Home World, INC.

Building a modular home provides you with more than dollar savings. Modular home construction saves you time and frustration. By building your home in a climate controlled environment, you will save by eliminating costly weather related delays, excessive change order fees discovered by those building their homes on site.

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