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Why Build a Home World Modular Home

Benefits to Building a Modular Home

  • Skilled Work Force
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Quality Materials
  • Climate Controlled Facilities
  • Building Codes
  • Ten Year Warranty
  • High Strength Construction
  • Quality Control

Skilled WorkForce

Modular manufacturers have large factory workforces that build quality homes. The workforce is divided up into areas such as floors, walls, roofs, trim, plumbing, electrical and so on, this allows each section of the modular home to be built simultaneously. All employees are trained in a specific skill that they will continue from day to day allowing each employee to focus on one task providing great quality. Another advantage to a large workforce unlike traditional site-built homes, if several employees get sick the project does not come to a halt, the factory will continue to build.


Modular manufacturers are able to house large equipment such as board cutting machines. Board cutting machines allow a large number of the same piece to be cut exactly the same size for a precise fit. Large tracks and hoists allow the factory to move modules and other parts of the home at one time making the building process more time efficient.


The manufacturers use only the highest quality materials. The manufactures inspect every load of lumber that arrives at their factory, if the lumber does not meet the high quality standards, the material will be returned. Manufacturers only uses kiln-dried lumber, if using lumber that is green or wet it will dry unevenly warping after the home is built causing multiple problems. Framing materials are the most important part of the home, if this material is green, warped or splintered this will slow down the building process and the material will not fit the assembly jigs properly.

Climate Control

Climate control is one of the biggest advantages modular homes have over traditional site-built homes. Being that the modular homes are built inside a factory, this allows them to be built year round regardless of the weather. The modular homes can even be set on their foundations year round as long as the set crew has a 1-3 day window of good weather depending on the size of the home.

Building Codes

A modular home will meet or in most cases exceed state and local codes. Modular manufacturers builds in multiple states and some of these states have a higher building code standard than others. Rather than trying to retool the factory every time a different home is built, they build all the homes to a high code standard. Site-built homes are usually built to the lowest code standards to try to keep cost down to compete in the industry. To ensure that modular homes are built to local and state codes, manufacturers hire a third party company to inspect the homes while they are being built.

High Strength Construction

Every modular home starts as an idea on paper and is eventually drawn by our engineering department. Because the homes are designed to be transported to the job site, often several hundred miles from the factory, they typically contain up to 30% more lumber than their stick built counter parts. Each section of the home must support itself separate from the others. When these modules are joined together at the job site, the result is a much stronger structure than a conventional frame home.

Quality Control

The first stage in quality control is the review of the home plans by the third party company. This allows any code compliance issues to be resolved before the home is built. After review the third party company signs off on the drawing which gives the factory approval for construction.

Our modular home factories inspect the homes in conjunction with the third party company to ensure the highest quality home. This is done by having a very detailed check list to make sure nothing is missed or constructed improperly. Usually with site-built homes, when a problem is discovered and has to be fixed it is thrown back on the customer. ProBuilt Homes incurs the cost if something is found and rectified immediately.

Ten Year Warranty

Unlike site-built homes that only provide a minimal warranty, usually what the states require, modular home manufacturers provides a 10 year limited warranty on the modular home which is included in the cost of the home. manufacturers use large whole sale and large name brand companies which also provide additional layers of warranty on the material and products being used to build the home.


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